Pro Shop

Our Pro Shop carries Cue sticks ranging from $39 to $1000, Cases, Dead Stroke t-shirts, tip pic's, pocket markers, chalk holders, cue cases, and many more accessories for playing pool and caring for your cue stick.

We pride ourselves in our quality cue care and repair. At shooters Pro Shop we do it all - from tip replacement to building custom cue sticks. Our standard tip replacement is $15.

We sell cues made by

  • Predator
  • Joss
  • Kucharski
  • Lucasi
  • Players
  • Viking
  • Action
  • McDermott


Shooters Specials!


  • Special $13 Per day per Player  Open - 6:00 PM Every Day

* Shooters League Members

  • Play at Shooters as your home location and pool is FREE Sundays, 4 PM - Close.
  Shooters hosts APA league play, In house league play and Senior Pool Leagues To join a pool team just give us a call at (860)-621-2073, or simply contact us via email.

Business Hours

Monday 6pm-close
Tuesday 12pm-close
Wednesday 6pm-close
Thursday 12pm-close
Friday 5pm-close
Saturday 12pm-close
Sunday 12pm-close