About the Owner


Hi, my name is Sal Conti and I am the owner of Shooters Billiards and Arcade. I have over 35 years' experience at some level in the pool world. I was always just amazed with what a well skilled player can accomplish on a pool table.


My father opened his first pool room in 1976 when i was 10 years old. Like many of my league players today, play pool was fun and for me a great way to spend time with my day at the family business. I run my pool room with many of those samefamily values; it is simply who I am and how I like to live my life.


I try to run a pool room that I would want to play in.


Shooters Billiards is your one stop shop for information on everything related to the pool industry. So before you purchase lessons, cues, cases, pool tables or equipment call us at 860-621-2073 or email at OriginalCTShooters.com. We have over 35 years of billiards industry and Pro Shop expertise to share. So whether you want to buy a cue, case, or any other pool related question we can help. We have a full time commitment in the Billiards Industry.


Over the years I have competed at many different levels always having Fun. I think that I am one of the luckiest guys in the world to have been able to live my dream of competeing at highest level our sport offers in some of the largest cenues in the pool world as a professional trick shot artist.


Some of the Fun Pool related things I have done:


2013 - New England Pool & Billiard Hall of Fame 


2010 - current Northeast Mass APA Pool League Operator


2007 - ESPN Trick Shot Magic - ESPN Zone-Las Vegas-Semi Finalist - World record holder 10/10


2004 - WPA Artistic Pool World Championship - Stroke Discipline World Champion


2004 - 2007 APTSA (Professional trick shot) Players board Chairmen


2003 - 2008 Professional Trick Shot Tour Player (ranked in top 10 in the world)


2003 North East Artistic Pool Qualifier Champion


2003 APA National Jack and Jill team event - 5th place


2003 & 2004 CT State Jack and Jill 8Ball State Champions


1995 - Current Owner of Shooters Billiards and APA league host location with 40 APA teams


1995-2010 APA-league member, 8ball skill level 7, 9ball skill level 9


Professionally trained "Advanced Instructor" certification


1995-2005 Connecticut Senior Olympics Billiards event Tournament Director 

Shooters Specials!


  • Special $13 Per day per Player  Open - 6:00 PM Every Day

* Shooters League Members

  • Play at Shooters as your home location and pool is FREE Sundays, 4 PM - Close.
  We have 50+ arcade games including an Air Hockey table and a Foosball table.


Business Hours

Monday 6pm-close
Tuesday 12pm-close
Wednesday 6pm-close
Thursday 12pm-close
Friday 5pm-close
Saturday 12pm-close
Sunday 12pm-close